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Discipline & ID Cards

Thu 23/06/2011 3:18 PM

It seems that we have an issue that has come up with a Referee (may be more than one..??) that has given incorrect information to some players on our league.  We are asking that if you can put out to the Referees the following information:

–          In regards to KWSL dates/deadlines/Bylaws – it would be best for the Referees to direct the players to the website (first choice) or the KWSL Executive.  This information is made available to everyone, but there is confusion happening as players are asking Referees for information, who in turn gave incorrect information.

–          In regards to any discipline issues – it would be best that the Referees not discuss their opinions of what they think suspensions should be with any of the players. There has been an issue with one referee expressing his opinion which conflicts with the actual sanction applied to the players, and may cause additional tension with the players.

–          Please check the ID cards.  A reminder that teams cannot pull players ‘across’ from the same Division. They can pull players from the Division immediately below or can pull a `keeper only` player down from the immediateDivision above.  There has been an issue in which a player had played for a team in which she was ineligible to play for.

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