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Game Sheet Submissions

To assist the Referees in getting the game reports to KWSL in a timely manner the KWSL has set up a fax # for the Referee’s to fax in game reports.

KWSL Fax # – 1-250-410-0249

Currently it states on the KWSL website that the Referees must hand in the Game Reports within 24 hours. ( – Referee Info – Reporting).

It is imperative that this is done promptly in the event of Yellow and/or Red cards being issued, as a number of players play multiple games a week.

We can understand that this can be difficult to do at times, so we are asking that the Referees fax the game reports with any caution and/or ejection reports to the Registrar immediately following the game.  Any Player ID cards, if held, must be turned in to Eurosport within 24 hours.

Please understand that the game reports should still be turned in, if possible, within 24 hours.  The game reports, properly completed & turned in, are needed to complete the Referee’s payroll.


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