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KWSL Reminders

KWSL Referees:

KWSL operates under FIFA, CSA and BCSA rules. They also have some bylaws which allow for a few items that do not abide directly with the governing bodies. These items are:

  • Sleeveless jerseys are allowed
  • Glasses need to be taped at the back or have a strap around the back of the head.
  • Players with knee braces to have a neoprene sleeve over it, otherwise all metal and Velcro to be taped.
  • Referees must check cards prior to kickoff for each game. No player registration card, no play. In addition, players may not play divisional soccer on a “Masters” registration card. Player may however, play Masters on a “Divisional” registration card.
  • Reports for send off offences must be completed and emailed to within 24 hours of game.
Please make sure that you enforce the following items as well:
  • No jewelry can be worn except medical alert items. No exceptions.
  • All substitutions to be made at the midfield line.
  • Game sheets to be completed fully. Goal scorers, field information and cautions issued are all important to the league.
Concerns the players have voiced include:
  • some referees do not take Women’s games as seriously as they do Men’s league games.
  • some referees are not checking cards before games.
  • referees are not enforcing the laws of the game in a consistent fashion. Meaning each referee is different.
We all know that everyone has differing perceptions of events so it is not likely that every referee will call the game in the exact same way but we need to strive to be close and to communicate more with players so they understand our calls. Many time a player asks about the call because they do not understand, not because they are dissenting. As for not taking games seriously, we all need to consider the players in the game. Each game is important to the players, it does not matter if it is men, women, boys or girls, the importance to the participants is equal. We need to be professional about each game and respectful of the players.

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