Soccer Referee 2018 Information Sheet

There are currently 9 leagues of soccer in the Kelowna area. They are:
Scheduled by Al Ryder – kelownaref@gmail.com – schedules posted at www.kelownaref.com:
BCSPL – Operated by BC Soccer, this is the highest level of youth soccer in the area. Played on weekends and only the top officials should be scheduled for these games. Preference to those in the Candidates program.
TOYSL – This is the Youth Select soccer league that encompasses the Thompson Okanagan area. Played mostly on Sundays with the occasional mid-week game.
COYSA – Divisional – This is the recreational level of Youth Soccer above the age of 12. Games played in all areas in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Lake Country on Monday through Thursday nights (U18) and Saturdays.
KWSL – Adult Women’s league played in the Kelowna Area. Played on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings.
High School A/AA/AAA – High School Boys and Girls leagues played in the Central Okanagan – Played weekdays
KMSL – Kelowna Men’s League – Unsanctioned league for Men 19+ and the Men’s over 35 league. Plays Tuesday, Thursday, Friday evenings.
O45 men – Unsanctioned league played throughout the Okanagan. Plays Monday nights.

Scheduled by Youth Club Schedulers:
COYSA – Small Sided – U6 to U12 games throughout the COYSA area. Played Saturdays only and is assigned by the individual club schedulers.

Scheduled by Mike Kelly – mkelly08@telus.net
O55 Men – Unsanctioned league played in Kelowna – referee only. Plays Thursday nights.

The system used for all the sanctioned games in Kelowna – assigned by Al Ryder and AJ Ryder is:
• Availability form posted on website at www.kelownaref.com – generally 4-6 weeks in advance.
• Referee completes availability form.
• Schedule is posted at www.kelownaref.com and assignments are emailed to each referee.
• Referee must confirm within 72 hours or games can be reassigned.
• Any openings shown on the posted schedule can be requested by a referee. First qualified referee making a request is given the game.
• Small sided referees may request an AR position that is vacant only if they are not scheduled for their home club and only within 72 hours of the game. District or higher referees are always given first priority.
• 2 no shows or late cancellations can result in assigned games being withdrawn. Reliability is critical in this job. Schedulers all talk to each other. If you are not reliable for one you could lose assignments for all leagues.
• We reserve the right to reduce or cease scheduling games to any referee that receives multiple yellow cards for Dissent or a red for AOIL-O as a player or is ejected from a game as a coach for Abuse of Official. These individuals could also be removed from assigned games already confirmed.
• BC Soccer and the Canadian Soccer Association says that as a registered referee you must accept games in the order of:
BCSPL – TOYSL – COYSA – KWSL -KMSL / O35 / O45 / O55 (these are unsanctioned leagues but have an agreement with BCSA to allow referees to work).
• All schedulers work together to encourage development of referees.

COYSA, TOYSL, KWSL, KMSL offer a $10 travel fee to officiate at Lake Country or West Kelowna if they are not your home fields.
COYSA, TOYSL and KWSL pays the Referee 50% of a missing ARs fee. (ie. If there is a referee and 1 AR at a game that pays $40/$20, the referee would receive $50 for the game. The AR that is there is still paid their $20 as they are not impacted by the shortage of the other AR)

Schedulers & Contacts:
TOYSL / COYSA / KWSL – Al Ryder – kelownaref@gmail.com
website: www.kelownaref.com – Check the website regularly-all news, changes etc are posted there
KMSL/O35 – KMSL offers scholarships to 2 referees per year.
O55 – Mike Kelly – mkelly08@telus.net
COYSA Referee in Chief – Al Ryder
KWSL Head Referee – Al Ryder – kelownaref@gmail.com

Game sheet Drop off – MUST BE WITHIN 24 HOURS
COYSA/TOYSL – 206 – 1415 Hunter Court, Kelowna or Fax to 250-862-9213 or email to gamesheets@shaw.ca.
KWSL – Drop at Eurosport at 3- 1771 Cooper Road or fax to (250) 410-0249 or email kelownaref@gmail.com
KMSL – fill out online at http://www.kmsl.ca/refs/