About the 2019 Season

What you need to know for 2019

1 – Online Schedule – We will be scheduling all leagues with Horizonwebref.com so you must have an account. All registered referees will be invited to create an account. You are responsible to have your availability entered into the program a minimum of 4 weeks in advance as scheduling will be an ongoing and constant process. We will aim to have schedules done 3-4 weeks in advance at all times. If you do not have availability entered you will not be assigned to games. You will have 5 days to accept your games or the system will remove you from the game and it will be offered through the TBA system. The TBA system emails openings that you can request to be assigned to.
When entering availability make sure you block any fields you are not willing to do games at. You also need to block any leagues you are not interested in as well as teams you may have relatives playing for or divisions which you are playing in. This is done on the Availability page.
You must complete a game report for every game you do – this includes every level. Minimum on the report is simply the score. If you do not submit the report you will not be paid.
2 – Schedulers – COYSA will have 3 schedulers. 2 will schedule small sided and 1 for divisional. Small sided referees will be scheduled for all U7, U8, U9, U10 and U11/12 AR positions. Youth/Entry referees will be scheduled for U11/12 middles and AR for other games. District and higher will be scheduled as their abilities will allow. Karli Weller and Kellen Duckworth are the small sided schedulers and Al Ryder schedules everything else. Karli will schedule for RYSA, LCYSA, KYSA and Kellen will assign WYSA and OMYSA.
3 – Forms – All forms you will need will be available on KelownaRef.com. This includes checklists for all levels. Checklists outline what you need to do for each level/league. Fees by league and age are also posted there.
– Payroll – You must complete a payroll information form for some leagues. COYSA (all levels), KWSL, O45, High School all pay by EFT only. You will have to complete the EFT form for these leagues. These forms are also on KelownaRef.com
4 – Mentoring – Mentoring is a great way to improve your skills. We all have areas to improve upon and mentors are trained to help you with those items. Mentors for all levels will be assigned by Al. Goal is that every club in COYSA has a mentor at the small sided fields a minimum of 2 times per month. You can request a mentor to help you by completing the appropriate form on KelownaRef.com.
5 – Communications – We will communicate by email. Please ensure you make the following emails as safe or not spam. We send so many emails that some programs will mark us as spam.
kelownaref@gmail.com alan@kelownaref.com karli@centraloksoccer.com kellen@centraloksoccer.com