COYSA Caution / Send Off Report

Send off report

REPORTING MISCONDUCTS:  All misconduct by players, team officials (including coaches) or spectators must be reported to the Discipline Chairman, Bruce, within 24 hours of the incident:
Yellow cards must be noted on the game sheet.
Red cards must be noted on the game sheet AND you must submit a Red Card Report within 24 hours.  Click for the Red Card Report.  Fill out the form, save it to your computer and then email it to the Discipline Chair, Bruce:

All other misconduct, including incidents of abuse of officials, MUST be reported by emailing the Discipline Chair, Bruce as soon as possible:

How to write a Misconduct Report
1.  Use the current COYSA Misconduct Report Form
2.  Complete all of the sections
3.  The core of the report is the written section, so remember why you are sending the report.
4.  Include the following information:
a.  What happened.
b.  How and why you stopped play.
c.  What action you took.
d.  How the individual being dealt with reacted.
e.  How anybody else reacted, if notable.
f.  How the game was restarted.
5.  Remember that the key to clear writing is not writing a lot, just including only what is necessary.
6.  Write the report after you have calmed down, even if it means taking the report home with you to complete.
7.  Submit the report on time and to the correct authority.
8.  Keep a copy for your records.
9.  If you need help, contact Al,

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